Ke$ha releases 'Dirty Love' music video on New Year's Eve

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.5 Stars

Ke$ha has never been afraid to be herself on and off camera and her music expresses every side of the pop princess. Her latest album Warrior is a proud expression of musicianship, female strength and catchy songs, all produced and created in a modern and unique way.

Warrior pushed the musical boundaries and featured many racy subjects on every track. Ke$ha's latest single, "Dirty Love" is a song that is entirely about sex. Ke$ha treated fans to a full music video for the sexy single on YouTube during New Year's Eve.

The video features Ke$ha on stage performing an elaborate strip tease. The video is overly sexual, but it shows the freedom that Ke$ha has an artist. She is a proud female musician and is not afraid to sing about and show taboo subjects in her videos.

Ke$ha looks beautiful and seems empowered by this highly sexually charged single. She is proud of her body and of her female power in this video. The "C'Mon" singer is featured once again with little makeup like in the "Timber" video and her natural beauty is being shown more and more in her music videos.

The music industry might consider this a racy video, but with Miley Cryus breaking VEVO records while being on a wrecking ball, it seems that Ke$sha should be recognized for embracing her female power with clothing still on.

This is what fans love about Ke$ha, she is honest and isn't afraid to embrace a more wild, sexual side.

Watch the video for "Crazy Love" here:


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