Kip Moore releases music video for 'Young Love'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Kip Moore has reinvented the traditional country love song with his latest single, "Young Love." The country music genre is no stranger to love songs but with "Young Love" it seems that Moore has put a new level of passion and honestly in the lyrics and his performance of the song. Fans can tell with every note that Moore means what he is saying and for many Moore fans, they can close their eyes and hear this song become a soundtrack in their own life.

All of this passion and electricity that is felt in this song is translated effortlessly into the music video for "Young Love." The video is storyline and performance driven which helps to visually tell the story that is so perfectly expressed through the lyrics and gritty guitar solos. The video features a classic girl meets boy storyline but shows the journey that they have been on in order to stay together.

The video feels like it is a snapshot that has been taken out of an epic and fairy tale love story, which is how the song makes the listeners feel. Everyone can connect with this song and hear it play in their own lives.

The actual storyline of the music video has been seen before but it was Moore brings to the video that helps to put that new and modern energy back into the production.

Moore looks like he singing to the woman of his life and he connects with fans instantly on camera. Moore has a way of making this love song feel like something fans have never heard before. Without a doubt he is a name to watch in the country music industry.

Moore is currently on tour with Lady Antebellum and Kacey Musgraves.

Watch the music video for "Young Love" here:



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