Lea Michele releases fourth single ‘What Is Love’

By Andrew Wilson,
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The pattern seems to be that Lea Michele is releasing a new single every week before her solo debut with Louder is released. This week is no different. The multi-talented singer debuted her song “What Is Love," a song due off of the deluxe edition of her upcoming album.

Entertainment Weekly streamed the exclusive song on Monday, while the official release date on iTunes is Tuesday, Jan. 28.

An emotional Michele sings the song with passion, accompanied by a piano at the beginning. The string section bursts in at the chorus to accentuate Michele’s ethereal vocal.

The lyrics "What is love?/what is love?/ When you don't know who you lying next to, to you anymore/What is love?/what is love?/ You don't know what love is till you love somebody, bad enough" sound throughout the somewhat cheesy love song, but Michele excels past the lyrics and delivers a solid performance.

It's the fourth single after ”Cannonball”, ”Battlefield” and “Louder."

Michele's debut solo album is working out to be therapeutic for the Glee star after her loss. And fans have also been wanting to be healed in the same way.

Louder is set to be released on March 4 through Columbia Records.

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