Lea Michele releases music video for “Cannonball”

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Lea Michele has released the music video for her first single, "Cannonball." Michele is getting ready to release her first solo album outside of her work on Glee.

The Glee superstar already released the singles "Cannonball" and "Battlefield" and now fans are getting a music video before the album is released on March 4.

The video for "Cannonball" is simple and features Michele performing the song in an intimate fashion. She has a simple black dress on in the opening of the video and looks flawless throughout the entire four-minute video. Michele has a style that is effortless and highlights her beauty both in and out.

The video does not feature a storyline and puts the focus on Michele. That's the best place for the spotlight to be, as the Glee star explores her own musical style.

As a star on Glee, the challenge that Michele faces is moving away from her character on the show and embracing her own personal music side. Michele is doing that in a way that doesn't make fans feel like she is completely changing her personality. Unlike other pop stars, Michele is staying true to her roots and her down home personality is highlighted in the video.

Michele is already showing a large range in her vocal performance from the tracks that she has released and this video highlights that she is ready to be a full pop artist. Michele clearly has the vocal talent and personality to become a musical star.

Watch the video for "Cannonball" here:



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