Lucy Hale of 'Pretty Little Liars' releases first country single

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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3.5 Stars

Lucy Hale, from Pretty Little Liars fame, has received her first country music single. Hale signed a record deal almost eighteen months ago and is now ready to take the country music industry over with her sweet vocal range and smooth delivery.

It's never easy to go from being an actress to a singer but with the release of her first single, "You Sound Good to Me," Hale has the potential. Hale has talent in both the acting and performing area but only time will tell if fans can embrace her country music style.

The lyrics for "You Sound Good to Me" are catchy and the chorus is simple. The instrumentals feel well thought out and planned. The single has the makings of a classic pop infused country song.

The main negative is that the song itself feels like it has been constructed for an actress to help launch her career as a musician. The song feels processed and over auto-tuned.

When Hale performed this song acoustically for a local radio station, her vocal delivery seemed honest and she had the natural ability to sing well. If that style and honesty could be captured in the studio recording of the song, fans could relate more to Hale as an artist instead of a actress turned musician.

Listen to "You Sound Good to Me" here:

image: ABC



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