Luke Wade: The Runaround [VIDEO]

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Singer-songwriter Luke Wade's sophomore album, The River, comes out on March 21 but you can enjoy his newest single, "The Runaround," now.

“The Runaround is an exploration of the age old psychological dilemma ‘you want what you can't have’ told through a lens of relationships and sexuality,” Wade says. “And who can’t relate to that!?”

Though certainly no stranger to music (the Texas native has regularly played live gigs five nights a week throughout his home state for almost a decade) Luke is, however, ready to branch out. 2014 will take Wade on the road nationally, beyond his beloved Texas stages. Don’t get him wrong though, Texas and his friends and fans will always feel like home. But with so much on the horizon, Wade, as he has done all his life, is fully embracing the moment.

His signature rock, pop, soul and folk songs that have made Wade & No Civilians a Texas draw for years by no means has limited him to one particular crowd. “The River” was 100% crowd-funded this summer via a Kickstarter campaign, and support came from the world over. Partially empowered by the overwhelming response, Wade is now ready for the next step. It would have been sooner, but Wade insists it needed time to properly marinate. “It’s where you’re trying to sauté the vegetables, cook the meat and bake everything — you want everything to be done at the same time, so it’s hot and ready.”

Born to artist parents, Wade comes by the desire to quench that artistic thirst honestly. His musicianship was preempted by a degree in political science and pre-law, 11 years of ballet, tap and jazz and a stint as a pretty great bartender with tons of pursued and conquered professions, hobbies and occupations in between. Music, however, was always a staple.



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