NEEDTOBREATHE releases new singles “The Heart” and “Difference Maker”

By Chelsea Lewis,
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NEEDTOBREATHE is known for their southern rock sound and blues influences. They started out with singles like “Something Beautiful” and “The Outsiders” which has led to a large fan base and sold out concert tours around the United States.

NEEDTOBREATHE is now working on a brand new album for fans; the album comes following a small intimate tour. NEEDTOBREATE wanted to reconnect with fans and feel their passion yet again. This shows the true musicianship of each member of NEEDTOBREATHE. They care more about the music and connecting with fans rather than a top spot on the charts or millions of dollars. For this band, it is all about the music.

NEEDTOBREATHE has released the first two singles off Rivers In The Wasteland
, “The Heart” and “Difference Maker.” “The Heart” has a very interesting and soulful sound. The instrumentals sound like those of a classic country western song and the lyrics feel fresh and modern. It is the blending of the old and the new that make this song an instant hit, very similar to that of “Something Beautiful.”

“Difference Maker” has a more simplistic sound compared to that of “The Heart.” “Difference Maker,” has the soul that fans have come to know and love from NEEDTOBREATHE. The band has a way of embodying the energy and passion that fans bring to every show. It does not matter if NEEDTOBREATHE is opening for stadium acts or packing local venues, they play with the same heart and passion in each set. That true love for the craft of music comes across strongly on both “The Heart” and “Difference Maker.” With these two tracks so strongly rooted in the musical origins of NEEDTOBREATHE fans are now counting down the days until Rivers In The Wasteland.

Listen to NEEDTOBREATHE’s “The Heart” here:

Listen to NEEDTOBREATHE’s “Difference Maker” here:



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