New Politics release video for ‘Tonight You’re Perfect’

By Andrew Wilson,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

The Copenhagen trio New Politics released a video for their new single, “Tonight You’re Perfect,” of what kind of fun they can get into during a 24 hour period.

The conceptual video for the single finds the band stranded at the airport in Iceland while their flight out is delayed 24 hours. Road trip! The trio jump in a car and make their way to their destination but have car trouble pretty early in. With a stroke of luck, and, well, they can do what they want in their own video, the band are picked up by three, conveniently, beautiful girls, which lead singer David Boyd hits it off. Throughout the video the focus is on the one-night couple, leading them through the mountainside, with a natural pool, a beat-down, abandoned airplane, and a party in a motel room. Our lead looks at the picture of the two on top of the airplane, reminiscing before heading out on stage.

The upbeat indie groove “Tonight You’re Perfect” is infectious with chorus "I wanna fall in love with the stars in your eyes/tonight you’re perfect/I wanna fall in love but only for one night/tonight you’re perfect" begging to be put in a modern day John Hughes soundtrack.

New Politics will be rejoining their tour mates Fall Out Boy this summer opening for FOB and Paramore on their co-headlining Monumentour.



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