Paramore release 'record breaking' video for 'Ain’t It Fun'

By Andrew Wilson,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

The alternative pop outfit Paramore released a video for their new single “Ain’t It Fun” off of their latest self-titled album.

The screen reads “On December 2nd, Paramore set out to break the most world records in a music video” at the beginning of the funky “Ain’t It Fun” video, following the band throughout the day as they break world records throughout the video. “Fastest time to smash 30 clocks with guitars” and “fastest time to run backwards holding stuffed animals while blindfolded for 30 feet” and the like run rampant throughout the video, with the three members completing each one.

One of the standout tracks on the band’s fourth studio album, “Ain’t It Fun” is unique with its blend of 90’s pop and soul, and a choir singing, "Don't go crying to your mama cause you're on your own in the real world." Then, the eclectic Hayley Williams jumps in for an a cappella, "Ain’t it fun/ Ain’t it fun/Baby now you’re one of us/Ain’t it fun/Ain’t it fun," before the band sets in for the chorus again. A catchy melody and fun - pun intended - lyrics really shows the growth and maturity of the band’s songwriting.

There is little rest for the Fueled By Ramen artist in the future. Paramore and Fall Out Boy will head out together on the road for the first time on their Monumentour this summer.



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