Skylight release debut album 'Made for More'

By Hayley Wilbur,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

As one of the songs on this album is titled, Skylight’s debut album Made for More makes you “Smile.” The South African band created an album with a unique twist to the pop-rock genre.

The band, consisting of members Greg Jorden, Wesley Ayliffe, Bradley Cumming and Peter Klein, believe in the saying “Tell The Story.” The inspirational lyrics are what make this album as powerful as it is.

Skylight formed in 2009 and consisted of only Jorden, Klein, and Cumming at the time. After earning a spot in the Top 20 of South Africa’s Got Talent, their single “Always Enough” became a hit. They later met Ayliffe and became the band they are today.

The songs, ranging from love to religion to just plain inspiration, show how possible it is to combine a popular genre with meaning. The strong use of drums, bass and mixed ballads allowed for different audiences to form connections to the songs.

The album starts with “Born To Love You” and “More than Ever,” with lyrics such as “My heart has seen where I am free, where you are walking next to me.” Other songs like “Give It Up,” and “Smile” encourage listeners to “Give it up to the sound, breathe it in, breathe it out.”

Greg Jorden said in an interview to LW MAG, “We believe that things can be better. We want to be a part of the solution. We’ll do our best to write and play songs that give people hope.” This quote is clearly shown in songs such as “Overwhelmed,” “Always Enough” and “Never Empty.”

The positive attitude displayed by this band depicts a new form of the typical love song. Maybe this will be a change the music industry will see in 2014. Regardless, the chills I got from listening to this album show that Skylight is meant to become something big in all different music markets.

Singles to watch are “Overwhelmed,” “Made for More" and “Fire.”



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