Steel Panther keep the 80’s alive in ‘The Burdon of Being Wonderful’ video

By Andrew Wilson,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Heavy make-up, long hair, and tight spandex are the epitome of the glam rocker/hair band, with their fusion of pop and metal, harking back to the heyday of 80’s metal. Obviously, not taking anything too seriously, Steel Panther unleashed their new video “The Burden of Being Wonderful," poking fun at themselves and … well, themselves.

Waking up to an alarm set for 11:30 am, the video stars comedian Matt Braunger, of Mad TV and Up All Night fame, who plays a narcissist stuck in the 80’s with complete with a 5.0 purple, convertible Mustang and ill-fitting spandex and t-shirt. When he looks in the mirror, he sees a member of Steel Panther in himself, hair teased and hair-sprayed perfectly. Scenes of his day and the band playing on a stage right out of any 80’s video – carpet on the floor, band members swaying back and forth, neon electric guitars – with the band acting as outtakes from Spinal Tap.

The song “The Burden of Being Wonderful," with lyrics that sound just as good as the title, is probably best described as a power ballad. Why in a world of ugly faces/Should I be allowed to be so hot?/So many people without talent/yet I was born with all the magical gifts I got, are just the opening lyrics.

Rock N’ Roll is supposed to be fun and Steel Panther embody that completely. “The Burden of Being Wonderful” is their second single off of their upcoming fourth album All You Can Eat, appropriately being released on April 1.



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