Young The Giant ‘Mind Over Matter’ album review

By Andrew Wilson,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Three years after their self-titled debut album, Young The Giant release their sophomore album Mind Over Matter with new label Fueled By Ramen and the album features a new, polished and experimental sound that shows the growth of the band diligently having stayed out on the road.

The opening track, after the intro, “Anagram” really gets the mood set, and uplifting sound reminiscent of the mellow 80’s Cure sound. The rocking guitars and use of effects really drives the following track “It’s About Time”, singer Sameer Ghadia’s ethereal voice captivates you on “Crystalize," and the contrast of the heavy Modern Rock feel of “Day Dreamer” brings you back up. Many, if not all the songs, really stand out on their own, but not in a random scattered way, still giving the album a good flow throughout.

Like many bands nowadays, Young The Giants built themselves from the ground up, literally taking any gig they could, even making their own opportunity to play SXSW. Ghadia revealed to Rolling Stone that the band didn’t have an official slot at their first SXSW, and basically had to ask and wait around for someone to give them a shot on stage.

Young The Giant navigate the journey through Mind Over Matter pretty flawlessly, which will have you playing the entire album on repeat.



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