Avicii releases music video for 'Addicted To You'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Avicii has taken over the music world with his singles, "Hey Brother" and "Wake Me Up." Now the Swedish DJ is ready to take over the charts with another single, "Addicted To You." The music video has just been released on Friday.

The video was shot and produced in a Bonnie & Clyde style and features two women on the run from crime and enjoying life.

What is surprising about Avicii and his unique music video style is that everything always tells a story. Each frame and every shot is important to the storyline and adds another level of complexity to the single. The video itself is its own form of artist expression and helps to create an entire atmosphere that embodies the beats of Avicii that have been taking over the charts.

The women in the video pull off their intense action roles all while looking beautiful and embracing their inner Bonnie & Clyde.

The music video is shot as a short film instead of a performance video and the song is highlighted perfectly by the unique storyline. Fans will not be able to take their eyes of the video from start to finish.

Avicii has created his own way of presenting his music and fans have been responding with millions of views and downloads. It is clear that each detail has been thought out and the creative vision behind every move is clear. The only question left to ask is what will Avicii do next?

Watch the video for "Addicted To You" here:



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