Beth Thornley releases latest album 'Septagon'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Singer-songwriter, Beth Thornley, is set to release her new EP, Septagon. Thornley has been deeply inspired to write and play her own music for years and has created a unique musical style that combines pop music influences with more classic roots. This passion and musical combination has fans falling in love with the music of Thornley the moment they hear the first track.

She started in the music industry with her debut album back in 2003 and has shown incredible growth and maturity with each record. This latest from Thornley is one of her best.

Septagon opens with the track "Say That You Will," which has moments of sounding like a more modern track but is quick to embrace more earthy roots and highlights Thornley's vocals the entire time.

It is clear when listening to the album that Thornley took the time to think about each track and how they would interact with each other. The instruments seem to flow between songs and fans can connect with the vocals and lyrics that Thornley so beautiful delivers.

What makes this album stand out in a constant sea of pop music is that Thornley is willing to play with different musical sounds within one song. She will not be boxed into a category just because she uses a guitar or emphasizes her vocals in a unique way.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "It Could Be" and "All These Things."

Septagon will be available digitally starting on April 8.



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