† † † (Crosses) self titled album review

By Andrew Wilson,
Author Rating: 
4.0 Stars - Very Good

† † † (Crosses) with Deftones frontman Chino Moreno at the helm, released their debut full length album, an experiment into a goth, Depeche Mode-ian sound.

Filled not with the usual hard rocking feel we are used to with Moreno, but dark, cinematic sounds, filled with synthesizers, bordering on a nightmarish EDM feel. The album is a mixed bag of songs, new and old, with the band’s two EP’s filling two thirds of the album, with an additional five new songs.

The blend of a past Moreno side project, Team Sleep, and with † † † bandmate Shaun Lopez of Far, much of the album shows the mix of the two styles and songwriting influence.

The album’s first single “B*tches Brew” with its mix of instruments, real and fabricated, along with Moreno’s ability to switch from a melodic Dave Gahan-esque temperament to an all-out scream toward the end, is a good representation of the whole album.

Other highlights include opener “This is a Trick”, with a hip-hop sensibility and rock bass throughout, “Thholyghst” with its simplistic use of instruments making way for Moreno to roam free, and closer “Death Bell” with its ethereal, sweeping soundscape with a less-is-more attitude. Whether that plays well with Deftones fans, may be another story.

† † † album is out now on Sumerian Records.



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