E.K. Blair - 'Fading' review

By Elaine Alluin ,
“And though she be but little, she is fierce”
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Fading is by USA Today Bestselling author E.K. Blair. The book is the first book of the Fading Series that introduces us to the graceful, delicate, yet strong character Candace Parker.

Candace is entering her last year of college and is striving to make her dream of becoming a professional ballerina into a reality. Despite having cold, unaffectionate and non-supportive parents Candace never loses sight on what she wants out of life. Always following the rules and over-thinking her every move Candace decides to let loose and have some fun before the year is over. Candace takes more risks by getting a small feminine heart tattoo, and going on a date with a guy who isn’t her type.

Jack, is the poster child for the typical fraternity boy who is a charmer and looking for a good time. After going on a few dates Candace realizes that Jack is not the one for her but continues to hang out with him. All the fun and games comes to a screeching halt when one night she is left battered, bruised and completely shattered.

Candace is left feeling ashamed, alone and guilty. The only person that helps her cope with the attack is her best friend Jase. Jase is an amazing character who is loving, accepting and protective over Candace. His caring attitude towards Candace will make you fall in love with their friendship and want to find a friend like Jase. As Candace shuts herself away from contact with the world and stops herself from living Jase never gives up in being her support system. Jase is like the light that slowly guides her out of the dark that consumes her.

As she returns to her normal routine Candace meets a mysterious and successful bar owner Ryan Campbell. Candace and Ryan have an instant connection but she shuts down any emotional feelings towards him. You will instantly fall in love with Ryan because he is patient, sweet and has a heart of gold. Ryan helps Candace become more comfortable in her own skin and gives her the strength to find her confidence again. I absolutely loved his patience with Candace’s skittish attitude and never once made her feel as if there was something wrong with her. As the relationship between Candace and Ryan progress secrets and wicked demons put their relationship to the test.

Despite having raw and explicit situations that changed Candace’s life Fading is a powerful story of survival. From the book title to the cover it beautifully displays the intensity behind the story. It is an inspirational story that will have you crying, falling in love, laughing, and rooting for justice. Aside from the gut wrenching issues it is empowering to see Candace blossom into a strong heroine that defeats the demons that consumed her. Page after page you will find yourself completely glued to the story and wanting to continue reading the Fading Series.



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