Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull party hard in 'I’m a Freak' video

By Andrew Wilson,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Living in the average man’s fantasy world, Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull get the party started in their video for “I’m a Freak," an overindulgence in scantily clad/barely clothed babes frolicking and dancing around the two singers.

In a house filled with women partying, the video pans throughout the party with the dance beat of “I’m A Freak” and, as usual, Pitbull announces Enrique and himself, with Enrique surrounded by women on a couch. The video goes between scenes of the younger Iglesias around a pool with Mr. Worldwide, in the house against a wall and in the middle of a sea of women in what can only be guessed as a living room.

The hypnotic beat and highlights of EDM here and there drive what is surely to be a very hot club song. With lyrics "Cause I’m a freak/The way you’re poppin’ and lockin’/all over me/No, I don’t want you to stop it" are pretty par for the course for the song. Pitbull lays out the dirty lyrics "You know I lick and do the things that make you explode/You don’t believe me, Mami, just let me go low," fueling the sexuality, which really just makes it that much more of a fun song.

“I’m a Freak” is the third English language, and fifth overall, single from Enrique’s upcoming album Sex + Love scheduled for release on March 18.



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