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Turn any coat into a stylish hoodie to protect you from the elements should you be caught unprepared. How many times have you gone out without an umbrella and got caught in a rain shower? Or maybe that warm, sunny day suddenly turned windy and cold?

Hood To Go is a stylish, portable rain hood that's easy to wear with any jacket. You no longer have to spend hundreds of dollars or use up precious closet space on extra coats.

Creator Susan Hammel knows all about getting caught in the rain. She's from Portland, Oregon, where it rains approximately 155 days a year. Tired of carrying around rain gear all the time she came up with Hood To Go.

Hood To Go is an easy, effective way to protect your hair when it suddenly starts raining. It fits seamlessly with any jacket and looks great. Made of 100 percent water resistant microfiber, it comes in one size fits most and even comes with its own handy purse pouch.

Get Hood To Go at HoodToGo.com.



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