Jackie Young releases 'Get Away With It'

By Hayley Wilbur,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Singer-songwriter Jackie Young has released the single “Get Away With It,” from her upcoming EP.

This song was written about a break-up that Young had experienced. Its lyrics become an anthem for girls, with lines such as, “I got no mercy left for you,” and “you don’t know what you got yourself up into.”

Its soulful tone creates a song that is relatable and worth listening to. It highlights a strong female character who proclaims, “We were never meant to be,” and “every crime has its price and every virtue has its vice.” I particularly like this song for its message. Instead of typical depressing break-up songs, “Get Away With It,” shows that we are not always broken because of relationships. Women have the power to fight back and overcome difficult moments.

Young has been singing since she was young. From learning guitar at 13 years old to being a part of a Berklee College Music Program, her heart is in her music. She strives to put her soul into her lyrics, and she definitely accomplished this goal within this single, “Get Away With It.”

Look out for her upcoming EP, Jackie Young.

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