Little Big Town releases music video for 'Sober'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Country group, Little Big Town, has released their latest music video for the single, "Sober." The single, which has been doing well on the charts for the band, is fitting well into the more modern direction that country music is heading towards.

The song is simple and lets the audience soak in the lyrics that are not only memorable but are catchy. The song comes together at the chorus when the instruments and the vocals from the band members come together to create a sweet and lasting harmony.

The music video focuses on the group being out on tour and performing the single live for their dedicated fans. Even though the video doesn't feature a storyline or any over the top effects, it still proves that sometimes less is more. The song is simple, the chorus don't often change and the vocals take center stage so it makes sense that the music video would follow the same format.

Seeing the faces of fans young and old dancing back and forth to this heartfelt single reminds the audience that this type of music is for the fans. It was written from the heart and is played because this is what the band members love to do. They want to be on stage night after night playing their songs for fans that have come from all over to see them perform.

The music video matches the song with its genuine and honest feel. "Sober" is a strong single from Little Big Town and has become an instant fan favorite.

Little Big Town is currently on tour with Keith Urban for the 'Light The Fuse' tour.

Watch the music video for “Sober” here:



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