Michael Des Barres releases 'Hot ‘n’ Sticky'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Michael Des Barres is a rock 'n' roll singer, actor and songwriter. Barres is known for playing Murdoc on MacGyver and replaced Robert Palmer in the band Power Station.

Now Barres is releasing his own album, Hot 'n' Sticky. Without any doubts, this album is rock 'n' roll driven and has a loud up front sound right out of the gate.

This type of aggressive and old school rock 'n' roll is not found on the music charts today. Loud amplifiers and electric guitars are being phased out by laptops and beats created through soundboards. Not to say that the art of rock 'n' roll isn't around, it is just not as loud and forward as it was years ago.

Barres is on a mission to bring that old school, old rock 'n' roll style to music fans all around the world.

On songs like "Detective Man," which comes about halfway through the album, it has a similar tone to that of AC/DC mixed with Pearl Jam. The bass is strong and the guitars take over the song.

The only downside to this album from Barres is that his vocals seem to be on the back burner instead of up front. The strong, powerful and well played instrumentals are what the focus becomes instead of the lyrics which are meant to drive the song forward.

Stand out tracks on the album include "Carnaby Street," "You're My Pain Killer" and "Please Stay."

If fans go into this album not liking hard core rock 'n' roll, they will not end up enjoying this album. But for music fans who have been missing that type of musical styling, this is the record for you.



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