Rodrigo y Gabriela debut opening track, 'The Soundmaker,' from new album

By Andrew Wilson,
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Not many people in the world would think you could mix a classic flamenco guitar style with a hard rock edge. That’s exactly what is so special about the Mexican duo Rodrigo y Gabriela, having blended the two styles with its classic artistry and modern attack, the guitarists released the opening track to their upcoming album 9 Dead Alive.

“’The Soundmaker’ is a tribute to Antonio de Torres Jurado," Rodrigo told Rolling Stone. "He was a luthier from the 18th century, and his contribution to the world was to give the classical guitar the shape we know it now. If it wasn't for him this album wouldn't even exist."

“The Soundmaker” is heavy in traditional flamenco, with sweeping lines, followed by an open string rhythm, with heavy metal undertones, and attacking solos that are so rapid they would make your head spin to try and replicate. The two-part harmony, with the second guitar, giving a percussionist drive and flow, complete with body-taps on the guitar, is always worth a second listen, just to try and figure out exactly how much strumming and tapping is really going on.

Rodrigo y Gabriela’s highly anticipated follow up to 2009’s 11:11, 9 Dead Alive is scheduled for release on April 29 through ATO Records.



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