Sonali releases 'Wake Up' EP

By Hayley Wilbur,
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3.0 Stars - It's Good

Sonali is an up and coming pop singer. She has recently released the EP Wake Up, which includes the songs, “Wake Up,” “Who We Are,” “Find Your Way,” “Holding Pattern” and “September.” This EP reminds me of music I used to listen to while growing up. These songs are relatable and catchy.

The title song, “Wake Me Up,” talks about a teenager who fears missing out, with lyrics, “I’ll miss my chance and that’s a wake up call,” and “If I don’t keep my calm I’ll lose myself and what I’m living for.” This message is one that will be easily understood by teenagers. It is a typical growing up pop tune.

The next songs “Who We Are” and “Find Your Way” are my favorite on this EP. The first, “Who We Are,” tells us not to forget ourselves as, “all that really matters is that we are who we are.” Sonali has released a video for this song featuring a gay couple struggling to come out. “Find Your Way,” is a whimsical and sweet romance tune featuring lyrics, “Things were simple, you just made me feel so free,” and “love is easy when you’re lying next to me.”

Sonali has been singing and writing her own songs since she was young. She learned to play keyboards, drum and bass. She attended the Clive Davis Institute of Record Music at NYU in 2012.

Sonali has previously released an EP Speechless. One hundred percent of the sales from this album were donated to one of Sonali’s favorite charities, the Smile Train organization. She is currently studying at NYU in hopes to become a famous pop-rock musician. She is definitely on her way!



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