TriBeCaStan’s ‘New Songs From The Old Country’ album review

By Raquel Luster,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

TriBeCaStan developed an instrumental sound that puts emphasis on jazz and world music. Not only does it infuse world culture music from the Middle East and other various parts of the world, but they continue to push the limit of jazz and the idea of a jam band is taken to a new level.

The nine-member, New York-based band has approximately 24 instruments ready for their use. Their goal is to blur the rigid lines between world music, jazz music and American music to create a space where they all blend together harmoniously. John Kruth and Jeff Greene are the co-founders of this successful band.

TriBeCaStan gets their inspiration from their surrounds and experiences. Living in NYC, they see the interaction of different cultures along with the American lifestyle and use that feeling to create. They have performed in several countries and continue to showcase their talents.

New Songs From The Old Country is their fourth album and includes just over an hour of 16 tracks that range from an upbeat sound to a more mellow melody. The album, released in October 2013, progressively introduces new sounds and features different instruments. They also use a mild scatting or chanting in a few of their pieces. Not only is the sound rich and diverse, but the titles really provide a framework for each track.

For example, “Auto Rikshaw” showcases a chaotic movement in the music that is so clearly illustrated in the title and music video. The varied rhythms, mixed tempos and clever musical pauses demonstrate spontaneity in their work and it is easy to since a freedom within their art.

My favorite track from this album is “Bwiti.” The first song on the album sets the stage for the audience. A close second is “Auto Rikshaw." The catchy piece has both familiar sounds mixed with unique elements that result in a crossroads of musical balance. Nothing about the song is overpowering and the steadiness of the track flows until the piece ends, and repeat begins.

In this album lies a musical adventure that awaits the next listener. This album has something for everyone, whether you want to soothe a child into slumber or want music to create an inviting atmosphere and countless other occasions. The flow from one track to the other is well thought out and the track names make a good guide throughout the album journey. TriBeCaStan crafted a well prepared album and it completely shows.



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