Valentine's Candy by Nestle

By Jaime Martinetion,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

My kids are SUPER ready for their classroom Valentine's Day celebrations thanks to the great treats available from Nestle! This year Nestle has launched their new "classroom exchange kits" providing creative and affordable options perfect for school, parties, and all kinds of exchanges. My "super picky" son had plenty of options he was thrilled with!

Some of the cool options I was sent to choose from included the new
"Wonka Mix Ups Treat Bag," which contains Valentine's stickers, pencils, NERDS, sweeTARTS, and Laffy Taffy. Both kids really loved this option. We were also treated to some fun Butterfinger Hearts (heart shaped foil wrapped chocolates filled with butterfinger crunchies), Valentines NERDS packs (the tiny crunchy candy boxed in limited edition fruit punch and strawberry editions), the WONKA treat bags (filled with NERDS, Bottle Caps, and Laffy Taffy all in one variety bag), and my husband's favorite the Nestle Crunch Hearts (a delicious and traditional bag of heart shaped foil wrapped chocolates with crunches throughout).

These options are all delicious and perfect for your upcoming celebrations this weekend! Nestle USA continues to bring us quality brands and products for both everyday and holiday use. They are committed to promoting health, wellness and nutrition. They all retail around $5 and up and are available at many local retailers. Information is available at www.nestleusa.com. There are also pretty awesome and convenient recipes and celebration suggestions right on the website using these candies. Now that my family has these fabulous candies, we will be incorporating them into our school and household celebrations as well as in our culinary creativeness!



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