Volbeat release dark and gloomy video for ‘Lonesome Rider’

By Andrew Wilson,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Riding the wave from their first Grammy nomination, the Danish group Volbeat released a video for their song “Lonesome Rider” featuring Sarah Blackwood from the up-and-coming band Walk Off The Earth.

Death is pretty prominent throughout the video. Not only the word but the character of Death follows a, as the title suggests, lonesome man riding his horse, with the Reaper hot on his trail. Another scene with the woman lonesome rider loves, getting ready to launch his casket in the water. Not able to cope, the woman, with Death’s encouragement, jumps off a cliff to her demise.

With the couple now dead, Death leads them down the river, as the ferryman, or Greek Mythology’s Charon, one can only assume, where the couple finally meet and spend eternity together again.

Volbeat’s style is always interesting because they can come at you full throttle or almost sound vintage country, and like many of their songs, “Lonesome Rider” combines the two perfectly. With a rockabilly guitar chugging through, the song peaks into a hard rock song during the chorus, then back to the country-roots stomp during the verses. The call and response between Volbeat’s Elvis-like Michael Poulson and Sarah Blackwood works perfectly with the black-and-white, turn of the century feel.

Currently, Volbeat are touring in Japan and Australia before heading back to the U.S. for a North American tour, and after, they will head back home to Europe for more dates in the summer.



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