Abi Ann releases new singles, “One Last Tear,” “Daydreaming,” and “Your Song”

By Hayley Wilbur,
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Up-and-coming pop country singer, Abi Ann, has released singles entitled “One Last Tear,” “Daydreaming,” and “Your Song.” Originally from Texas, Abi Ann has proved she is ready to take on Nashville.

While I enjoy the typical country twang of “One Last Tear,” I think that some others might have a difficult time differentiating this country song from those already released.

It has the sweet “I’m over you” message that is seen in other country artists' songs, such as Miranda Lambert, Carrie Underwood, and Taylor Swift. Abi Ann sings, “I am going to do all I can to forget you were here…Now that you’re gone, I gotta move on…I cried my one last tear tonight.” This female empowering message is one that is okay to be repeated. More women should take this to heart.

“Daydreaming” has much more of a pop tone. This love song has lyrics like “Love is my favorite song…I can’t stop daydreaming about you.” It might not be a Grammy winning song, but it definitely is one that I would put on replay and my favorite out of these three singles.

“Your Song” is also more on the pop side. The instruments and lyrics, “Your song is like beating on a big ol drum and I won’t play it…Your song is everything you did wrong, and I won’t take it,” scream the message not to give in to being mistreated.

Her songs, “Stronger” and “Silence” have been featured in films and television series. She's an advocate for the anti-bullying cause and uses her music to get across these inspirational messages.

She has recently toured with Above Seclusion and IM5. She also dreams of being an actress and has attended acting academies. Some of her influences include Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Shania Twain.



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