A.M Madden- ‘Back-up’ review

By Elaine Alluin ,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Back-up is the latest from Amazon bestselling author A.M Madden. It is the first book from The Back-up Series and introduces us to the whirlwind angst relationship between Leila Marino and Jack Lair.

Leila’s long life dream is live in the limelight as a famous rock star. She has worked toward her goal by singing with a popular local band. Leila’s prayers are answered when the infamous rock band Devil’s Lair posted an advertisement for a back-up singer. Despite her nerves and attraction for the lead singer, Jack, she wows the band and gets the job.

Jack is the epitome of an irresistible rock star with a charming smile and soulful voice. Being the front man of the band, he is used to women throwing themselves at his feet. Jack typically engages in meaningless and faceless relationships as he enjoys the high life of his band's success. He is completely devoted to the band and the music and wants nothing more for the band to progress. Living life on the wild side Jack never felt he was missing anything until Leila enters his life.

Jack and Leila have a magnetic pull as their attraction for one another ignites when they are together. Leila is hesitant about getting in a relationship with Jack now that he is her boss. As they try to convince themselves that they can stay friends it blows up in their face as they spend more time with one another.

In a moment of heated attraction Jack and Leila give into their emotions. As the relationship progresses they realize it's more than just a physical attraction, but love. Jack’s hidden twisted past comes to haunt him again as he becomes serious with Leila. Questions remain unanswered and the future of Leila and Jack’s relationship is uncertain. Their story continues with Front & Center.



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