Ashanti's 'Braveheart' album shows exactly why she will always be an R&B princess

By Francisco Flores,
Nostalgia at its finest
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After a long break from releasing music, Ashanti is back full force with a stronger R&B sound and a passion for showing emotions through her music. Since 2008’s The Declaration, fans have seen little movement from the R&B princess, but her newest release titled Braveheart shows Ashanti’s talented skills as a musician.

Braveheart’s first track is an intro that leads right into the title track. The combo song starts with an infectious chant of “Braveheart,” which subtly brings in the upbeat R&B track.

The first single off the album, titled “Never Should Have,” is an emotional ballad about losing a love and being full of regrets about being in the relationship and letting it fade away. The video showed the story of three different couples and how their stories take a turn for the worse. She also featured a gay couple in the video, something not very common in R&B music. She received much praise for her support.

The second single, “I Got It,” features Rick Ross. Ashanti’s sultry voice ranges from soft-spoken lyrics to a bouncy chorus that features an upbeat clap-base.

Ashanti brings out even more sexiness with the track “Early In the Morning.” French Montana is featured on the sensual song that contains visual lyrics that are too explicit to repeat.

She also brings out her sassy attitude in the track “She Can’t,” as she sings about another girl who got her man’s attention. This song would make a great next single with its radio-friendly beat and its fun lyrics.

Overall, Braveheart is exactly what fans were waiting for from Ashanti. Though she didn’t take any musical risks with her fifth album, fans will still be extremely pleased with her efforts. This album mirrors many of her classic hits, not only providing a sense of nostalgia, but also providing new material to hold them over until her next album. After six years in the making, Braveheart shows music lovers why Ashanti will always be a prominent name in R&B music.

Standout songs include “Don’t Tell Me No” and “Love Games” Featuring Jerimih, apart from those mentioned above.

Watch the video for “Never Should Have” here:



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