‘Beautiful Bastard’ by Christina Lauren

By Elaine Alluin ,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Beautiful Bastard is by New York Times, USA Today and number one International bestselling authors that go by the combined pen name Christina Lauren. Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings are long time best friends and writing partners that bring to life a desirable heartthrob known as the “Beautiful Bastard.”

Chloe Mills is a sharp, hardworking, ambitious intern that is on her journey to getting her MBA. Chloe has had fun working at her internship until she is paired up with the brooding perfectionist Bennett Ryan. The two constantly clash due to their strong attitude and character.

As Bennett comes back from France to work in Chicago at his family's successful media business he is forced to work with his intern. Bennett has always intrigued Chloe, since he is a young successful man; her high standards are shattered as she realizes his poor attitude. Bennett didn’t expect a beautiful young woman as his intern. Chloe completely infuriates Bennett day in and day out as he sees her as a forbidden temptress.

One night on a typical business night thing, between Chloe and Bennett become heated. One thing leads to another and there is no going back after the incidents that happened. As their secret love affair continues, Bennett and Chloe must decide if their relationship will last. With Chloe quickly approaching the end of her internship, she must decide if Bennett will hold a place in her life in the role of something more than her boss.

I thought it was a refreshing read with the heroine, Chloe, being a strong character that didn’t back down from Bennett’s glowering. Her desire to reach her goal and have a successful career was always on her mind which was an admirable trait. Unlike most romance novels, Chloe put her desire for love on hold in order to prove herself in the corporate world. Overall Beautiful Bastard is a steamy, witty and addictive read.



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