Calabrese - ‘Born With A Scorpion’s Touch’

By Elaine Alluin ,
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Born With A Scorpion’s Touch is the latest from rockabilly punk rock band Calabrese. The band consists of the fierce rebellious dynamic trio Bobby Calabrese guitarist and vocalist, drummer Davey Calabrese, and bassist and vocalist Jimmy Calabrese.

The Calabrese brothers are from Pheonix and are no strangers to being in the spotlight of various venues, clubs and festivals. The tough punk rock band have gained inspiration and motivation from an array of artists such as The Misfits, Black Flag, Black Sabbath, White Zombie, Samhain, The Damned, Danzig and Ramones.

Their interest in dark films and comics has crossed over into their lyrics as their songs have the elements of horror, death and a kick of Punk to Rock 'N' Roll in the music.

The album starts off with the fast pace punk rock single “American Rebel Death Riders.” The single shows off their riveting guitar riffs, gritty vocals and head banging sound. “American Rebel Death Riders” shows off the punk rock spirit that you can envision yourself in intense mosh pit.

The next single is “Born With A Scorpion’s Touch” that is the title track that again shows off the vintage rockabilly and influential sound. The lyrics in the song stuck out to me the most with their nefarious description of women. “True danger of females/ The jealous whip of a devils tail/ Emerald's kiss on a broken heart/ She was violent from the start/ A hellcat in a mini skirt.” The imagery and rough and aggressive sound made this song stand out from the rest. “Born With A Scorpion’s Touch” was definitely the best choice for the title track and embodies the band as a whole.

The album shifts to a slower tone and focuses on the sultry vocals of Calabrese in the singles “I Wanna Be A Vigilante” and “At Night I Am The Warmest.” In the single “At Night I Am The Warmest” does start off slow but kicks into another tough Rock N’ Roll ballad that channels a Danzig sound.

Calabrese is currently on tour, you can check out the dates on their website.

Below is the video for their single “Born With A Scorpion’s Touch.” In the video Calabrese channels the sinister, dark, and horrifying image of being vampires. Each member has fangs and “blood” smeared across their faces as they rock out to the music.

Overall Born With A Scorpion’s Touch is a solid rock album that embodies the elements of the classic in your face Rock N’ Roll sound and proves that punk rock is alive and raging.



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