Daniela Kuri- ‘Santa Baby’

By Elaine Alluin ,
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Santa Baby by Daniela Kuri brings a fresh and spicy Latin sound to the classic holiday song “Santa Baby.”

Born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, the fierce songstress has always had a passion and love for music and dance. Her grandfather played a major role and influence in Kuri’s curiosity with music from the late '50s to early '70s. Kuri’s background as a performer is not only behind a microphone, but also in the world of dance.

At the early age of two, Kuri was trained in classical ballet that led her to explore hip-hop, salsa, tango, jazz, and tap. Singing was always the talent she wanted to explore more. With the support of her family Kuri moved to Houston Texas when she was sixteen-years-old.

Being thrown into a new cultural experience Kuri embraced the experience and later moved on to Los Angeles to explore her options.

About her music Kuri told LAFAMOS, “I have an urge to create, share, and express my feelings about life and found singing/performing the best way to do so.”

“Santa Baby” combines both English and Spanish throughout the single. The single stays close to the classic jazz sound but Kuri’s passionate sultry vocals bring it to life with the pop tempo.

“Santa Baby” is a cheery holiday single that is worth listening to as it brings the fierce Latin flavor alive.



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