DJ/Songwriter tyDi teams up with Dia Frampton for his single 'Stay' (Video)

By Andrew Wilson,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

An emotional and frankly tragic video, Australian DJ and songwriter tyDi teams up with The Voice finalist Dia Frampton, and shows off his acting skills, in the video for “Stay."

“Unable are the loved to die, for love is immortality.” The line, and title, of the Emily Dickinson poem reads across the screen, when you hear a couple in the background, laughing and talking about their favorite spots. The selfie-video shows the man, tyDi, and woman at her favorite spot, by a body of water, and then the video switches to his favorite spot, underneath a tree by a gated area, much colder than her spot. He then asks the girl to marry him, and she pauses, and gives an ecstatic “yes.”

Sometime later, we see tyDi trying to find that exact tree, hiking backpack attached, and when he holds up the picture of his love underneath the tree for a match, we quickly rewind to the fateful moment he finds out that she has died. After a tearful, Jack Daniels binge, he finds the picture pinned up on the wall and sets out to get back there. Hiking, by plane, by canoe, we finally are back at the beginning of the video where he finds the spot, and he sets down the picture in tribute to his lost love.

The electronic pop song, with its catchy beat, really lets Dia Frampton’s vocals take the reigns over the song, with the indie fueled vocals so many people cheered for on TV. Lyrics "Let me put your sweater on/We headed out to see the dawn/I know they turned their back on you/But I will see this through" and the like give that heavy influence of the country storybook-lyrics throughout the song. Undoubtably, Frampton took a page from her former coach, Blake Shelton.

“Stay” is the first single from tyDi’s upcoming album REDEFINED due out later this year.



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