Elise Testone releases ‘In This Life’

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Elise Testone is a youthful yet soulful singer/songwriter who has appeared on American Idol. Testone did not win it all on the Fox-driven reality show but she showed a huge audience what she could do as a vocalist and as a musician.

Now Testone is planning on following up her success on Idol with her debut album, In This Life. Life uses a wide range of musical influences and all of these unique instrument choices really highlight the smooth and soulful sound that is brought to life by the vocals of Testone.

Testone embraces different sounds and a vocal style that is not often heard on the pop chart but the unique elements catch audiences by surprises and make them want to listen to each track on the album. It is clear when listening through the entire album that each song was planned and leads into the next track.

In This Life is a creative and thoughtful musical process and shows that Testone is not only a musician but also a very thoughtful songwriter that has the ability to put together an entire album, not just one song.

Singles like “Never Gave Me Butterflies” and “I’m Runnin’” have strong jazz and more classical influences but the album does have an overall pop feel. This album seems to be very calculated and keeps a similar sound throughout. When this album finds a larger fan base, Testone is likely to want to push her musical boundaries more on her follow up album.

Stand out tracks on the album include, “Still We Try,” “I Will Not Break” and “Lucky Day.”

Testone is out to prove with this album that she is about to join the ranks of very successful American Idol alumni such as Carrie Underwood, Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry.



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