Florida Georgia Line and Luke Bryan release new music video

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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Florida Georgia Line has teamed up with fellow country music superstar Luke Bryan for their latest music video and single for "This is How We Roll."

The video features Florida Georgia Line, composed of Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, and Luke Bryan, taking their country inspired party on the road in a semi truck. The band takes over the back of a semi truck and arrives at a good old fashion back woods party.

This is the type of party that features wild outfits, tons of drinks and constant music playing over the speakers. It feels like this video, even though it's a little over exaggerated, might be a little window into what life is like on the road for Florida Georgia Line.

The video captures the style and the theme of the song perfectly. What fans love about Florida Georgia Line is that the group is not afraid to be who they are and write from the heart. Their songs are fun, upbeat and have a down home country music center. When it comes to performing live, the group keeps their same down to earth, yet over the top energy and connects with every fan in the audience. That type of passion and energy is captured throughout the entire party video.

For fans of country music, seeing this up-and-coming group paired with a music superstar is a match made in music. The smooth and sweet vocals from Bryan pair with the hard rock driven country anthem that highlights the vocal pairings of Florida Georgia Line.

This video proves that Florida Georgia Line is not going anywhere when it comes to topping the charts. The group is ready to take over another year of country music and will be doing so with their friend and music soul brother, Bryan, by their side.

Watch the video for "This is How We Roll" here:

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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