Indie band Friend Slash Lover releases new single, 'My Wallet is My Weapon'

By Hayley Wilbur,
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2.5 Stars

Friend Slash Lover has released a new single titled, “My Wallet is My Weapon.” This indie rock band is made up of members Josh Mintz (vocals, guitar), Frank Day (bass), Greg Pajer (guitars, vocals) and Jake Hayden (drums, vocals).

The single starts off with a techno/robot voice that continues into the middle song. Hard to understand, the song continues into the alternative verses with lyrics such as “I had an epiphany…I’ll buy you up and shoot you down.” I finished the song just as confused as when I started listening.

Friend Slash Lover is known for its alternative, techno, different style. They have previously released singles, “Don’t Retouch Me There,” and “HELLTHY.”

The song, which is actually spelled “MY W4LL37 15 MY W34P0N” to symbolize a credit card, continues this “wallet” theme. The goal of the lead singer, Josh Mintz, is to create music that is different than today’s popular music. He tends to use art for inspiration along with satirical representations of controversial issues.

This band has performed at places such as the Roxy and the Viper Room in Los Angeles. Some of their influences include John Lennon, Nirvana, No Country for Old Men, and David Bowie.

The band's new EP will be out soon.



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