Jenna Torres releases ‘A Woman’s Touch’

By Chelsea Lewis ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Jenna Torres is a singer-songwriter who is making an impression on the music industry with her latest release A Woman's Touch. Torres puts her emotions front and center on every track featured on this album.

The album has a variety of influences - at times it feels like a rock album with pop influences - but it is clear that Torres was simply creating music rather than worrying about which genre her album would fall into.

The instrumentals on this album really help to highlight the vocals of Torres. She has an impressive vocal range and an older tone to her voice that echoes that of Alanis Morissette and even a slight Janis Joplin hint of influence.

One of the main singles off A Woman's Touch is ".22," which is a classic love song with a modern spin. The lyrics tell a story of a woman who loves with her entire heart and puts everything on the line. When it comes to this song, lyrically and vocally, Torres puts everything on the line.

The entire album tells a story and flows seamlessly from track to track. It has an older vibe, but will connect with fans who are into more of a rock 'n' roll pop driven sound.

It is clear that music is Torres' passion, and she will be making music for many years to come.

Stand out tracks on the album include "Walk a Mile," "Busted Heart," and "When It Rains."

Watch the video for ".22" here:

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