Krewella release video for “Enjoy The Ride”

By Andrew Wilson,
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EDM, pop fusion band Krewella released a video for their single “Enjoy The Ride,” diving into a dark circus-themed story.

The band are in the forest with their followers, watching a circus via TV monitors which shows them a new “attraction” added to the circus, a young girl being held in a cage. A boy visits the circus, he himself captive with a lock around his neck, and is taken into a tent to watch a show.

Inside, the girl dances with Matrix-like effects but is soon interrupted by a fight at the tent entrance. The boy is freed from and runs away after a set of keys are given to him. In the early morning, he frees the girl from the cage and they run off into the forest where Krewella’s followers greet them with open arms.

“Enjoy The Ride” highlights the best of the Yousef sisters and Rain Man bringing their fused, power punching EDM and pop. The harmonies between the sisters shines throughout, giving the song it’s pop edge with Krewella’s signature stamp of making EDM relatable and more mainstream.

The success of the band’s album Get Wet has not slowed them down a bit. YourEDM confirmed in a live Ustream session that the band have been focused recording since there took a break from the road the last couple months. The break is short lived with the band heading back on the road for a few stateside shows before they head down to Argentina and Brazil for Lollapolooza in April.

The trio will head back to the States on the Verge Campus tour as well as performing at both weekends of Coachella on April 13 and 20.



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