Missing Persons featuring Dale Bozzio - ‘Missing in Action’

By Elaine Alluin ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Missing in Action is the latest from new wave extraordinaire Dale Bizzio. The 12-track album showcases the flirty upbeat pop sound laced with the vibrating rock beat.

Missing in Action is the first studio album in twenty five years for Missing Persons featuring Dale Bozzio. In regards to why it took so long to get the band back in the studio Bozzio said that once she made a new life for herself in Los Angeles after her father passed away, it all just fell into place.

Bozzio told AntiMusic, “I just decided ‘You know what? I better gear up’…Because when I get that sad, I turn all of my motor skills into singing. That's my one great release that I have in the world. And it's the same with me when I go on stage. I own the stage. It's my peaceful place.”

The first single “Do or Die” channels an '80s glam rock pop dance ballad that intensifies Bozzio’s matured sweet vocals. The song draws you in with the lyrics, “Looking to the left, looking to the right, looking for the fire to ignite.” The fast paced song comes together perfectly with the keyboard intensifying the '80s influence. It is a high-energy song that captures your attention to continue listening to the album.

Following is the single “Hello, Hello” that channels a more rock sound with the rapid drum beat and wicked guitar rifts. It is a catchy tune that reminded me a bit of a Lady Gaga sound.

It is a catchy song with the “ohh’s” and the “Hello, Hello’s” sung throughout the single.

The album shifts to a slower tempo with the single “The More We Love” and “Siren Song,” which showcases the sultry and seductive sound of Bizzio’s voice. They are both soothing and smooth songs that intensify their bubblegum pop sound.

The last single that stood out to me was “Walking in L.A” that had a soft punk rock sound that reminded me of '80s sensation Blondie. It is a cool, sassy, edgy song that completed the album. Overall Missing in Action is a jam-packed album that ranges from slow to fast memorable singles that showcases the new wave sound that will have you dancing.

Below is a video montage that has the single “Hello, Hello” playing in the background. Let us know what you think.



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