PREMIERE: "A Dream from My Heart" music video from the Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart

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With a shared interest in "supporting the evolution of consciousness on this planet through the healing and transformative power of music," ethereal Renaissance chanteuse Kristin Hoffmann and Italian composer Marco Missinato joined forces in 2013 to create a neoclassical composition entitled Unfolding Secrets: A Symphony of the Heart. Their new video for the song, “A Dream from My Heart”, features stunning time lapse photography, operatic vocals, and mellifluous symphonic textures that offer an inspiring vision of the ensemble’s new style of “high resonance” music.

While Hoffmann, who has built a reputation in her solo career for creating powerful music that penetrates the intellectual and spiritual sides of art, prepares to release her new EP, The Human Compass: New Directions, on April 8th, the Unfolding Secrets collaborative is planning a global Sounds of Oneness concert series with the help of fan-funding through indiegogo. Stay tuned on the latest from these artists as they continue to dedicate themselves to uplifting audiences and manifesting positive change for earth and all of Humanity.



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