‘Pulse’ by Gail McHugh review

By Elaine Alluin ,
Author Rating: 
5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Pulse is by New York Times & USA Today bestselling author Gail McHugh. It is the second and final book from the Collide Series.

Pulse picks up where Collide ended, which was with Emily and Gavin being separated. Gavin is nursing his broken heart on his mysterious hiatus. Emily finally leaves Dillon and realizes that she is still harboring feelings for Gavin. Not knowing where Gavin is she reaches out to his brother to find his location. Emily takes a leap of faith of going after Gavin and she wonders if he will take her back.

Once Gavin sees Emily again he can’t help but want to give their relationship a try again. They put the betrayal, the heartache, and sadness behind them and give into their passion. As Emily and Gavin get reacquainted again their life seems perfect. Emily and Gavin get a big surprise when they find out that Emily is pregnant. Emily’s pregnancy should have brought out happy emotions but it only added stress and heartbreak.

Dillon, who has been estranged, is back in the picture when he finds out about Emily’s pregnancy. Gavin is less than thrilled to have Dillon being a part of such an intimate situation, but has no other choice to let him be around. Gavin and Emily’s relationship is tested once again as they have to wait to figure out who the father is.

Gavin loves Emily in a way most women would only dream of. He is willing to stick by her side no matter what. Gavin is completely committed to Emily and doesn’t let Dillon come between them.

As you read the tantalizing angst novel you are left wondering if Gavin and Emily will get their happy ending. Overall Pulse has the perfect mix of drama, lust, heartbreak, and love which makes it a perfect ending to the series.



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