Snout a Pig

By Jaime Martinetion,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Attention: for all the recently broken-hearted ladies out there who want some sweet revenge or maybe just a fun release of all that anger, I have the game for you. Snout a Pig is a safe, therapeutic and frankly fun way to to get that revenge without any real carnage.

Last weekend, I got together with a few of my recently separated friends for the most hilarious ladies night ever! Everyone brings a picture of their "Pig" and when it is your turn you simply peg your "pig" to the board, tell everyone why they earned this honor and push the snout through the picture.

What an instant release of your stress! Now keep in mind this does not have to be an "ex": bosses, coworkers, cheaters, really anyone who "did you wrong" would qualify. My friends were laughing so hard and it was awesome to see them happy again. We went as far as to all wear pink for the occasion and even prepared "Pig" themed snacks and cocktails.

"Snout A Pig" gives some great food and drink suggestions right on their website. We made "pigs in a blanket" of course and a great bacon dip among other munchies. We also made honorary "mud slides" and the "Pig Tail", their signature drink which consists of vanilla vodka, pineapple and cranberry. It was so good. I made my poor husband (the only "non-pig") drive everyone home.

The best part of the evening was awarding the blue ribbon to the "Biggest Pig" of the night. So fun and so worth it! We ended the night in one big, fantastic girly group hug!

For more information or to purchase your Snout A Pig board game please visit SnoutAPig.com. The game retails for $19.95.



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