Star Anna- ‘Go To Hell’

By Elaine Alluin ,
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Go To Hell is the latest from dark Americana Rock N’ Roll songstress Star Anna. The Seattle singer and song writer brings a ten-track album that hits close to home and gives us a glimpse into her soul and personal life with each mesmerizing song.

About the album Star Anna told Spark and Shine, “There were a lot of battles going on at the time this record was being made and a lot of betrayals that I was dealing with that had been woven into my personal life as well as the life of this record. We decided to keep moving forward and make this record. The title speaks for itself.”

The album opens with the single “For Anyone” that is a soulful, moody, and passionate single that showcases her seductive cigarette and whiskey authentic vocals. It has a bluesy and folk sound that sucks you in with the grooving keyboard and fierce drumbeat that brings the song to life.

The next song, the title track “Go To Hell,” is surprisingly a soft slow tempo song that highlights her voice and song writing talent. It combines the genres of Rock N’ Roll and blues and is one of the most powerful songs on the album. The same tempo continues in the single “Electric Lights” that channels a '70s Rock N’ Roll vibe with its riveting guitar riffs.

“Let Me Be” is a powerful single that gives you an insight into Star Anna’s mind. From the heartfelt lyrics to the mesmerizing beat it definitely becomes an instant favorite off the album. “Power of My Love” channels the same theme with her powerhouse raw vocals that twist the classic grace of soulful blues.

In regards to what the album is all about Star Anna said, “[The album is about] balance. There is a lot of anger and loss, but there is also the other side of that. When something happens that strips you down to the bone, you can choose to only focus on the anger or you can also look around at the people who are still there, who are still trustworthy, loving and truly kind.”

Go To Hell is a fierce and passionate album that gives you front row seats in Star Anna’s personal journey of self-discovery.

Below is the single “For Anyone.” Let us know what you think of this sultry songstress.



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