You Me At Six’s ‘Cavalier Youth’ album review

By Amy Michura,
Author Rating: 
4.5 Stars

Composed of Josh Franceschi, Max Helyer, Dan Flint, Chris Miller, and Matt Barnes, You Me at Six is a UK pop/rock band. Cavalier Youth is their third album release. The Surrey-based band came on the scene with their first album, Take Off Your Colours, in 2008.

To create their latest album, the members of You Me At Six stayed in Los Angeles, Calif. to work with Neal Avron, who has previously worked with other bands such as Linkin Park and Fall Out Boy.

In comparison to the last album the band released in 2011, Sinners Never Sleep, this album holds more of an uplifting tone and pop influence.

Despite “Bite My Tongue” undoubtedly being one of the more popular songs off their last album, featuring the vocals of Oli Sykes from Bring Me The Horizon, there is no screaming in this album. However, it is still filled with guitars, drums, and a new, mature, You Me At Six tone that makes listeners sing along.

The album keeps the band’s aggressive tone, even with the more positive subjects, as demonstrated in the songs, “Fresh Start Fever” and “Lived A Lie.”

However, the band shows a softer side with songs such as “Always Attract,” “Stay With Me,” and “Crash.” Cavalier Youth still features this side of You Me At Six with slower songs such as “Wild Ones” and “Be Who You Are.”

The Deluxe album features 13 songs with a bonus track titled “Champagne Wishes.”

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