Aurora Barnes 'Fair Game' Ep Review

By Neil Clayton Rasbury ,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

While she isn’t new to the music world, she is new to the music charts. Singer-songstress, Aurora Barnes, has released her EP entitled Fair Game. While it is only five tracks, each song tells a personal story revealing more than the next.

Barnes, originally from New York City, didn’t start as a singer. From a young age she learned the violin from the TADA! Youth Theater and Opus 118 East Harlem Violin Programs. The violin expanded her experience as well as reputation in the music industry as she worked around legends such as Isaac Stern, Madonna and Gloria Estafan just to name a few.

Fair Game was co-produced by Grammy-nominated Rob Lewis (who has worked alongside artists like Patti Labelle, and Babyface and Grammy-winner Om’Mas Keith - who has worked with fellow Grammy-winners Frank Ocean and John Legend.

Each track on Fair Game is written by Barnes and uses the combination of guitar, piano, and orchestra to emphasize the beauty and softness of the vocals. The first track that was released, “Meet Me,” is the most upbeat on the Ep. However “Cover Me” discusses the intimacy of loving a man that doesn’t love her. While in “I Hate You Not” Barnes seems to be a relationship that doesn’t work, she doesn’t appear to hate the person but she’s been in this place before with someone else.

In conclusion Fair Game is a great start for Barnes and maybe for her next one she could add more songs to the list.

Her new Ep is available now on iTunes and Amazon.com

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