Avril Lavigne releases music video for 'Hello Kitty'

By Chelsea Lewis ,
Author Rating: 
1.5 Stars

Avril Lavigne has released the music for her single, "Hello Kitty" off of her self titled album. The music video, much like the song itself, does not fit in with the overall sound and style of her 2013 release.

The song feels over auto-tuned, poorly written and overall lacking any mature quality. "Hello Kitty" is supposed to be a fun, upbeat pop single off of the record, but instead it falls flat. The music video doesn't solve any of these problems, but only magnifies them.

The music video has a strong Japanese influence and Hello Kitty theme. Lavigne can be seen in a Japanese restaurant, a candy store and even wearing a cupcake tutu. The video is trying to capture the j-pop influence that can be heard in the song, but it comes across as mocking a culture that has influenced pop music in the U.S.

From the outfits to the background dancers, this music video feels like a cheap rip off a culture that has really helped to move boundaries when it comes to musicians and their creative style.

Since Lavigne released the music video, it has been taken off YouTube, but fans can see the video on her official website.

Most of the tracks off of Avril Lavigne show that she has grown as a musician and is willing to try some different styles with her music. "Hello Kitty" is the weakest song on the album and now the music video matches that.

For fans that have grown up following Lavigne with songs like "Complicated" and "I'm With You," this song and music video feels like Lavigne not putting much of her musical soul into the performance. Instead she is just going for an overplayed, offense storyline that highlights the elementary school lyrics in the song.



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