Counterfeit i's Still Vol. 2

By Shaunice Conyers,
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3.5 Stars

Counterfeit i's newest album, Still Vol. 2, is filled with four songs that all contain a variety of deep guitar and drum sounds.

Counterfeit i is an alternative rock band based out of Chicago and was started by band leader and songwriter Derek Allen. Allen started off his music career at the age of 15 as a member of a local Chicago punk band called Devoyd. However, Allen eventually grew tired of playing punk music and decided to form his own band. One of Allen's main goals was to form a band where there would be no rules that would limit the type of music he wanted to make. Allen soon found Ryan Worthy, a bassist, and Tyler Kirgiss, a drummer, and the three of them formed Counterfeit i.

From there, Counterfeit has been able to develop a fan following. The band has also served as the opening act at shows for bands such as Project 86 and Bile. Counterfeit i has been able to create their own musical sound by mainly using guitars and drums.

Still Vol. 2 is Counterfeit i's second album in a series titled Still and is going to be released on April 8. The album contains four songs, "Amel," "Between the Suns," "The Point Is a Circle" and "All." The longest track on the album is "Amel," being a little over eight minutes long and the shortest track is "Between the Suns," being just over six minutes long. As you can see, the tracks are very long compared to most songs, but this allows for a listener to have enough time to hear all the different guitar and drum elements being used in each song.

Out of all four tracks on the album, my favorite would have to be "Amel" because it contains a nice balance of having the same amount of guitar and drum beats. I'm not a huge fan of rock music but after listening to "Amel," I found this track to be one that I could constantly be listening to. Another track I found myself liking was "All" because it had a relaxing tone to it. I loved the beat of the drums because it didn't sound too loud; instead it went at a slower pace.

Overall, the album was pretty good. As a person who had never listen to that much rock music, it was fun to get out of my comfort zone and listen to a new genre of music.

Here's a video clip of Counterfeit i performing "Amel":



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