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Start your day with an unbelievably great tasting cup of coffee.

The iCoffee by Remington is an innovative coffee maker unlike any other. It took seven years and thousands of prototypes to perfect, and it is completely worth the wait.

The iCoffee features SteamBrew technology. Six rotational hot water jets recreate the perfect cup found in percolated coffee. By injecting steam, the iCoffee injects the right amount of steam so you can avoid flat, tasteless coffee typically associated with standard drip machines and enjoy fully flavored coffee topped with rich, smooth crema.

The iCoffee's design enhances the coffee drinking experience. A viewing window lets you watch the SteamBrew process and see how the coffee crema forms.

Remington's iCoffee has several advantages over other coffee makers. Drip coffee makers fail to evenly extract the flavor from coffee beans. They also draw out too much of the acidic and bitter coffee oils.

Single serving coffee makers may be fast and convenient but the excessive speed can create an overly bitter coffee. They are also expensive considering how many capsules you need on a daily or weekly basis.

French Press brewing is considered the ultimate coffee making experience because it delivers smooth tasting coffee without any of the bitterness. It is however inconvenient to use and then clean on a daily basis.

The iCoffee, on the other hand, delivers a great tasting cup of coffee each and every time, and it's a snap to clean. And because the iCoffee delivers such a great cup of coffee full of flavor and strength, you can drink less coffee and still feel the full effects.

Visit iCoffee.com to learn more about this amazing coffee maker.



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