Jillette Johnson inspires in chilly video for ‘Torpedo’

By Andrew Wilson,
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5.0 Stars - I Loved It!

Up and comer Jillette Johnson released a video for her single “Torpedo” featuring the red-lipped beauty playing her piano and singing in a snow storm.

With a snow covered piano, Johnson’s performance is only half of the video, as a woman walks out into the middle of a snowy area, near a farm, and begins to dance a routine.

The video delves into a myriad of symbolic messages as the woman imagines a judge in front of her, with money falling from the sky, and a picture of a globe is in the background. An image of herself appears out of a trailer, ripping up a piece of paper in front of the judge, and the trailer and globe are engulfed in flames, leading us to interpret that she may have set her world on fire after leaving her dancing world behind.

“Torpedo”, off of Johnson’s Wind Up Records debut Water In The Whale, is an uplifting, you-won’t-tear-me-down song, challenging the world to throw all the torpedo’s it wants but that she will rise above them.

Having drawn numerous comparisons to Fiona Apple and Tori Amos, Johnson’s songwriting is showcased in the song with lyrics "So come on torpedo do your worst/Hit me right in my heart blow me up 'till you see my ghost/But I will not lay down on the road/I will not make it easy."

Johnson’s heartfelt delivery really fuels the inspiration to the message of the song.



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