Katy Perry shows multiple personalities in ‘Birthday’ video

By Andrew Wilson,
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4.0 Stars - Very Good

Katy Perry's video for her new single “Birthday” shows her genius and talent as she takes on five different personalities and disguises herself attending different birthday parties.

The video labels them “The World’s Worst Birthday Party Entertainers” and they very well could be right. The first two minutes of the video are the set-up, showing Perry in prosthetic make-up as Goldie, a boob sagging burlesque dancer, male Jewish entertainer Yosef Shulem, Kriss the Clown, animal trainer Ace, and a Paris-Hilton-esque Princess Mandee. The video states Perry attended five different birthday parties in April, each as a different character, with hilarious results.

Each segment of the parties, as expected, goes horribly wrong. Goldie is sent to jump out of a cake at a rest home for a man turning 90, and she pops out inappropriately dressed and dancing around. Yosef tries to entertain to a crowd at a bar mitzvah, with the guest of honor laughing, somewhat, while the adults look on very disturbed. Kriss the Clown fails miserably at making balloon animals for kids, and ends up ruining the cake as well.

Ace the Animal trainer, while showing a group of kids mice, puts one (albeit fake) into his mouth, grossing out the children and making them cry. Dressed as an actual princess, Princess Mandee botches face-painting a group of little girls. Finally toward the end, Perry reveals her true identity to the group of little girls, to all of their excitement.

The disco-tinged pop song plays more of soundtrack as much of the viewer’s concentration is directed toward the goofiness of the video. This is kind of shame really with Perry doing what she does best with “Birthday," emoting fun and a party-like atmosphere with a solid vocal charging the song forward.

A fun song and a fun video, just hope you never come across one of these characters at a real birthday party.



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